We like to start, build and change things.

We're a Startup Studio driven by technology. With our team of highly skilled developers, designers and growth hackers we can develop products that perform smoothly and look great.

Launchlabs is not an investment firm, nor an incubater nor a group of mentors, but rather real builders of products that solve actual problems (solution to unsolved problems).

We focus on mobile and emerging markets. Our team works with proven founders to develop and launch new companies. Our startups automatically become part of an extensive network of current and former entrepreneurs.

After the seed stage, our startups debut as independent companies. Our companies will have the opportunity to share milestones and progress with Launchlabs’ investors.

We build businesses from scratch


We generate and test new business ideas. After validating the concept we partner up with bright entrepreneurs to build a product used by millions


Our multi disciplinary team works closely together with the co founders to build strong products, which we get pilot users to test as early as possible to confirm Market/Product fit


As soon as we have traction, we publicy release the product and work hard on user acquisition and growth while transferring valuable knowledge to the co-founding team


After twelve months, the company spreads his wings and becomes fully financially and operationally independent. The founders gradually build their own team and culture in their own office


Our Partners

We have an extensive network of media partners, corporates & investors. Launchlabs connects founders to its partners and provide an incredible launchpad to help accelerate, test products in market, and gain access to investment.

We build companies

Now that you know our story, tell us yours

Launchlabs usually founds new companies based on our own ideas, but we occassionally collaborate with co founders whose mission we believe in. In such cases we become hands on partners to a company, to help craft towards product/market fit.


Strategic partnerships with media and investors.

Early adopters

We provide dedicated users and continuous analysis.

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Quality, not quantity

We are not playing the odds and investing in volume, we want all companies to be succesfull. This is why we will only start a handfull of companies each year. It is our goal to reach profitability for our startups within a year after launching the company.


To build a company a strong team is essential. We source highly skilled and talented co-founders for our businesses.

Market Size

We identify commercial opportunities on the basis of the market size. The market in which it operates must have sufficient emerging characteristics.


This is what makes a startup. A company should be able easily to scale; exponential growth vs decrease costs.


What is the growth path and how will the startup beat the competition.

Market Fit

What problem does it solve? Will there be a market fit? Furthermore we will consider suitable business models.

Exit Opportunities

Cashing in on the investment. A company that can develop into an attractive acquisition candidate has an advantage.

Startup Selection

A sneak peek of the startup that we will bring from concept to company...